All round good

this is one of the simplest games i have played yet, but one of the most fun, like i dont know if if you know this or not but on pc you could pause the game tpye in the tank cheat more than once and when you un pause a huge line of tanks would appear on top of each other up to the sky, sounds funny, 1st time i did this i was on the ground laughing my head off, :P
the gameplay in gta 3 is good, not as top notch as san andreas but ay :)
the sounds are good from what i remember, (NOTE:i havn't played the game in ages)
the one thing i wish they took from this version and put in san andreas is some of the cars and car styles :)...i would tell you what ones but i can't remember there names :P
anyways i give the game 9.2, i would of given more but i now own san andreas so yeh :P
have fun :)