This is what us gamers like to see....

Most of my points are going to be good points, but also some bad points, but there you go, no game can be perfect.

Firstly, the Graphics. Well, the makers of this great game has pushed the PS2 to its very limit with its superb graphics and smooth edges. Never a moment where the game skips a frame and very smooth animation. The background is also great, with things happening in the background, and the developers great attention to detail. I am very pleased with the graphics for this.

Secondly, The music. Phew! The music is great. Is on great timing with the fights that you have with your enemies and make you even more wanting to pound your enemies to the ground. Even in the cut-scenes the music suits it well. Overall the music is just right for the game

Thirdly, The Gameplay. The fighting is great. You have the mixture of just hitting square, X, triangle etc anyway you want, then on some of the bigger monsters, you have to press the button of what it tells you to press. The combos are also great. The combos let you slice your enemies in half, or just smash them into the ground. Also, you can harness more power by upgrading your weapons and powers, making you near enough invincible (that is if you are good enough). When you complete the game you have a ton of extras and also the hardest level of them all. You also get to see full 3D models of monsters that didn't make it into the game, and levels that also didn't make it into the game.

However, two points of the negative side. The game is a bit on the short side, even with all the extras but still good enough to buy. Also, if you have one of the big PS2s, then there is a chance that this game might not work, but always works on a slimline PS2

Overall, this is a great game and I highly recommend it to all gamers over 18!