Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a great experience that unfortunately feels a bit too similar to the original.

The first Battlefield: Bad Company was a unique experience. It had some elements of Call of Duty but differentiated it enough to make it a worthy purchase and a different experience from the usual first person shooters. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 continues the trend but the differences between the first and the sequel are not as big as they should have been.

The story was the weakest part of the game by far. The first one implemented all the gameplay mechanics so the story in my eyes did not need to be amazing. However, since with the mechanics, graphics, and technical aspects already pretty much brought over from the original, the developers should have been able to focus on the story. For me, I've really enjoyed both Modern Warfare games. They've felt epic and have had alot of big twists and turns that shocked and surprised me. I can't say the same about Battlefield's story at all. The story was boring, short, and did not even really have depth at all. The characters are comical and have witty banter but that is not enough to make me care about them or the mission.

The main storyline deals with a ship that goes missing because of a gigantic tsunami that appeared after a flash of light in the 1940s. Bad Company comes across the conspiracy and fights the baddies to prevent the weapon that was used in the 1940s to happen again. The story is boring and seems like it tried to use the success of Call of Duty for some of its sets. For example, the last mission of the game takes place on a plane...sounds pretty familiar.

But let's be serious. I can't be too mad about the shortcomings in the single player game, it was the multiplayer that really hooked me in the original. The game mechanics are pretty similar. Unlike most first person shooters, Battlefield is about huge maps, weapons, vehicles, and two teams of 16.

The first mode is called Rush which is exactly the same as the only mode in the original. You need to attack and defend satelite uplinks. As you attack more, more of the map opens up and you go further and further into the map. This mode was awesome in the original and it continues to be fun to play. No other game has this mode done so well and it's definitely a reason why the multiplayer is so exciting. The other mode which is brand new is called Conquest. This mode is basically like king of the hill but there are multiple hills (flags) that you need to uphold. This is a worthy addition and its definitely less competitive than rush. Conquest is a worthy addition and it takes alot of the reptitiveness out of the multiplayer that the original had because of its lack of modes. Unlike most games, this isnt an additional mode thats there just to have more modes, it works and its addictive. The other modes are basically Rush but with 4 on 4 and Team Deathmatch which has 4 or 5 teams of 4 facing against each other. So the multiplayer has definitely expanded for the better.

Finally, the graphics and music both look and sound very good. The graphics are noticably better than the original. The destruction of buildings, sounds of bullets, and orchestrated music all work together very well to add to a good atmosphere. There are no major technical hiccups in the framerate or gameplay that frustrated me. The game holds up online and as of 15 hours of playing the multiplayer there has been no lag or dropouts that has bothered me.

Overall, Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a great multiplayer game. One that can be comparable to heavyweights Halo and Call of Duty. Its different than both games which makes the experience unique and worthwhile. The only problems with the game would be the single player campaign that has such a bad story and the lack of additions into the game. It feels very similar and considering the game came out less than 2 years after the original it definitely could have used a bit more time to differentiate it from the original.