Assassin's Creed is a very interesting game, but doesn't live fully up to the hype.

Assassin's Creed is a very innovative game, allowing the player to jump from building to building with the push of a button. This comes in handy when you get in a fight that is just too big for you on your own. Sneaking around and killing lone guards is one of the main actions you can do in this game. However, the main point of this game is to assassinate "the bad guy" in order to release their tight grip on the peasants in their city. One of the ways to find out when and where to strike, you must pickpocket a certain someone who has a plan written on a piece of paper in their pocket. Another is to follow them to an area with no one else in it, and beat the information out of it. This makes for interesting gameplay and actually interests you in the story.

Graphics: Unbelievable. The commercial graphics are only just 1 tiny step above those of the in-game graphics.

Multiplayer: None.

Sound: Well Integrated. Situations around you can be monitored by paying attention to your speakers. If Guards see you sprinting around the city, they will ask "Is he running from someone?", and then pay much much closer attention to you.

Controls: Running around, and fighting, both have a good setup on the Xbox 360 controller. The jumping from building to building works correctly about 95% of the time, but then sometimes gets you killed.

Overall: The game is relatively short, and this is a god amongst rentals, but a peasant among buying. Unless you are planning to get all 1000 gamerscore from this game, I strongly recommend renting Assassin's Creed.