Another excellent Starwars game. This RTS has some nice graphics. Similar to Rebelion in ways i like it:)

As a Starwars fan i guess my review will be a bit biast but here goes anyway.
First i found the graphics to this game are nice and it runs smoothly on my PC with no hitchs.
Whats great about this game is the space battles they make up for what you don't see in the original movies. Well Done Golfers Clap to the Developers :)
The Story to the game in campain mode isn't too bad as you get to use various characters from the movies like Vader, Tarkin, Admrial Ackbar, Han&Chewie to name but a few for a total of 8 heros to use in battle all with their own unique abilitys.
One downfall is limited character choice after you have played games like Starwars Rebelion that has a whole host of characters to use.
Game Play is ok i have played better but it suits the games style and is tolerable.

Every game has bugs and problems and so far i have been lucky enough and haven't encounted any yet so all is good.

In my opinion if your a Starwars Fan this game is a must on your list of starwars crap to buy! Its also a pretty nifty RTS so go on buy it ya Tight Asses its only $100.