Decent game, gets a little redundant

The game starts out pretty awesome, GREAT theme song, you get to mow down bandits and outlandish creatures, with a seemingly never ending array of randomly spawning weapons. Multiplayer is pretty awesome as well, my only quirke is it got a little repetitive, it was always go here, fight this guy, or go here collect these items, but it was a huge world that you could free roam if you wished. Some humor added to the game makes it a fun game to play, though for me it lacks replay value. All in all a good game, but lacks whats needed for me to call it a GREAT game. Some glitches earlier when the game first released, but as of late i did not run into any problems at all. The game deffinately earns the "M" rating, with foul language, blood, gore, and violence. Vehicles could have offered more variety, and characters sometimes lacked substance.