Fun game with great graphics, but the main characters are too cheesy, the controls are hard to get used to and its hard.

I played the original Just Cause and this game has a great improvement to the game... The graphics look AMAZING if u have an HD tv definetely buy/rent this game because it looks SUPERB... The explosions look stunning and the water and the forests look real.. The game has alot of light bloom and its really bright... I personally hated the characters and the cut scenes they are HORRIBLE!! I would usually skip them because it really brings down the game and also the game has some other minor annoyances.... There is no online or co-op play... The island missions get repetitive and the characters are annoying... Also on the xbox 360 the controls are hard to get used to switching guns and the targeting is bad.... Also I found the grappling hook in the first one to be easy to use... For a 3rd person shooter fan buy this but for anyone else get gta 4 or mercenaries 1 because this game has somewhat of a poor story and mission design but parachuting is fun and the vehicle controls suck haracore and the gunplay as well