this game is the **** it hot i love this game i like fighting bowsor he is fun to fighting i have not got all the star

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most amazing games I have seen in ages. The storyline as brilliant as ever and the graphics for a Wii game are pretty cool. A new feature allowing Mario to defeat enemy's while defying gravity all in 3D. The controls and movement are not too hard to master so it makes it easier for the younger gamers to play. Also the characters are very graphical and detailed and there movement is natural so some good work by Nintendo. Plus this unique game allows you to play on you own or in an unusual way with a friend as they only have a pointer and they press buttons at a certain time to give you the controller of Mario advantages. Overall this brilliant family game is packed together with awesome graphics and amazing game play movements to make a game that will go down as a classic Mario game.