An orgy of colors invading yours eyes!!!!

So, time has past, and the onslaught of new games have filled the market place. With so many great games coming out, its no wonder your wallet may be feeling a little empty inside. It's times like these that we gamers are glad to see a budget game that can make us forget about all our little problems. This is basically the whole reason for buying Lego Star Wars. Through its splendid presentation, the graphics, sound, and gameplay jump out at you as "pretty dang good for a budget game". On to the rather short review! The first thing on our plate for today is the graphics. The PC version has some of the best graphics of the tri-platform release. While it may seem like an oddity, the lego star wars people actually look quite good. The enviroments, even though more detailed, mix well with the lego models. The visual effects, ranging from your force powers to the blasters are just perfect for this type of game. It all combines to make quite the eye candy. All these colors and lights add to the stimulating experience of the game. After you finish your first serving, the next thing you notice on your shmorgisbourg of stuff is the sound. While not exactly fantastic, the music in the game is basically a mild rehash of the movie soundtracks. There are no voices, and the characters usually let out grunts or funny "sounds". The fact that there is no spoken dialogue kind of takes away from the over all experience, but it is still a great sound score. Last but not least, we have the gameplay for desert. The game mechanics are quite simple, consisting of an attack/defend button, a force manipulation button(which lets you pick up legos), and a JUMP BUTTON!!!!(My personal favorite.) These three buttons, and the button that lets you switch between characters, work in unison to do semi-challanging puzzles through the game. Most of your time will be spent trying to unlock all 50 characters in the game.....thats right, there is a crap load of stuff to unlock. Just the sheer volume of crap makes a person shutter. You unlock stuff from the story mode by collecting oddities and buying them from this guy at a bar, which is never really explained, but a good mechanic. Overall, this game makes for a unique experience. The sound, gameplay, and graphics all add to entrench you in this insanely corny world where an evil mating of legos and star wars has occured. For a budget game, this should keep you busy for about 14-20+ hours of gameplay, most of your time going towards the unlockables. This is a recommend buy if you have a controller for your PC.