A solid game to continue the series.

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
The third installment of the lego star wars series continues to entertain fans with light hearted fun and humor. Although it does not differ significantly from its predecessors it doesnt need to, as it continues to deliver the same quirky values that made the franchise so good to begin with. But typically of the series it is too easy and can feel like a level wont end, as you see the same way to solve a situation throughout the entire playthrough.

The game definately looks very nice and the level asthetics vary pleasingly on each world. Each world (20 in total) have some unique puzzle areas which get you to think a little more than usual, but are solved easily and incorporate familiar aspects of the rest of the game. The repetitive solutions do get boring and lead to taking from the fact that you're in a new part of the game as it gets so familiar. But there are some surprises throughout the game but are mainly hazards that are not typical to cross, and aren't major changes but enough to keep things interesting.

The combat system is very plain and you'll find yourself mashing the attack button while sticking to being a jedi or sith for the majority of the game. Although the game does throw in a tricky enemy or two which requires only a slight change in tactic, which are often shielded droids or turretts. The boss fights can be very entertaining forcing you to swap between characters to use the small variety of abilities offered, my favourite example is the giant earthworm where you need your troopers to use the environment to defeat it.

Unfortunately there is no multiplayer in the game like in the previous lego games, which is very disappointing. This series has always been best played with a friend in my opinion and is a strange choice for the developers to have skipped this option.

The 3D isn't the greatest for this game and is best used while in flight combat sections of the game, which aren't the greatest by themselves but still help to drive the story, and even so 3D isnt amazing. This really is a game that doesn't benefit from the 3D feature and is still enjoyable without it, if not preferable. Its most enjoyable use is for the cutscenes where it adds just a little more entertainment to the lego figures as they humerously move the plot forwards.

Overall this is a good game in the lego series, it remains true to its roots and fans will enjoy another adventure to play through. There is plenty more to do after the initial playthrough, such as the collectable minikits and characters which u need play coins to complete the collection. The biggest problem is basically repetitiveness, which keeps it from standing out from previous games and can inflict moments of severe boredom. But it's definately a welcome part of the ongoing lego series and worth at least one playthrough especially if you're a fan of the games.