The best Wii game so far - for kids!

User Rating: 10 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars WII
Especially If you are a kid and loved the other Lego Wii titles and Star Wars - you are gonna love this game more than you ever loved one! It's so amazing and my boy had no doubts : this is "the best game ever". I know Gamespot is going to down this - giving it 6/fair or something, because they have little knowledge of what kids want (grading mostly from a grown up point of view even if the game is mostly for kids)...and true it's not original anymore and the gameplay is pretty much the same as the other Lego titles. However, it looks so much greater this time around and there are so many highlights and it's so fun that you never want to stop playing - even though you are familiar with most of the content. So don't hesitate to go for this if you are a Lego and especially Star Wars fan - it will blow your (kid's) mind! Hey, where's my "lightsaber"!