This i a good game with button mashing that will keep you playing no matter what because of its depth.

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars 3DS
From the first level you are throw into the action with Yoda. Most of the levels are on ground although some of the things arent and are fun long lasting dog fights. There is no co-op play not even download play which sucks i remember the Lego series been for mostly co-op.

The 3d in the game is spectacular when your flying your ship in a dog fight it seems like the ship and the enemy bullets are right at your face the ground levels arent in your face but defianly give a sence of depth. The cutscenes hae faces and charchters popping out of the screen.

This ranges over 13 differant worls with three acts you have to complete in one go. You unlock each charchtter in each level once you have completed it you can go play it again in free player mode which has you choose your squad this isn't as good as the console version but is still pretty good for a handheld system. Their is minigames which you unlock by getting red bricks in the game. These are normally fun silly game like snow ball fights.

Over al it had lots of content but seemed rushed so it could have been out on with the release of the console. They could have put a lot more things in this game but still being as good as it is im giving it an 8.