Fun and Funny!

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy X360
I played the first lego star wars game, and i liked it a lot, the cute animations, and the funny movies were the characters would mime everything. I think that the second game took the original formula, and expanded on it i a good way. Lego people able to build things an not give jedi all the fun made me want to play more characters. And the bounty hunter and storm trooper areas are neat.
It still fells like the first one at times, but that is not bad all the time. Han solo able to shoot and dodge blaster shots is fun. I enjoy repeatedly tapping X so i can see him flip. If you are a parent this is a fantastic game for you children, and even adults. My whole family enjoys playing this game. I think some people don't play it because its for "little kids", but it is fun to play and will make you laugh. And even if you still think that its for kids, well at least you can get some easy gamer score points form it