This game is a one of a kind and can simply not be missed no matter who you are!

User Rating: 10 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy PSP
Everyone knows that the original Star Wars movies are classics. The same goes for this game. It is a game you simply cannot miss. Everything is perfect about this game. Let me start with the gameplay. The gameplay in Lego Star Wars II is mind - blowing! From the puzzles to the enemies you face playing this game is just plain fun! The graphics, well they are pretty darn good for a PsP and lego people. The lighting is good, the details on the environment are also very nice too. The sound obiously is just as amazing. The star wars sound effects are perfect and the little sounds the lego guys make is very humourus and fits there characters very well. The story well there is not much to, say it relates perfectly to the original movies. In case you are not familiar with the story I will give you a breif summary. Luke Skywalker a young man living on the planet of Tattoine has a great destiny. He learns in the way of the jedi and must take on the various tasks of defeating the evil Darth Vader and the treacherous Death Star. On the way he meets some friends. Ben Kenobi, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leah, Yoda, and a few other characters. In the end Luke has a final battle with Darth Vader and the evil Sith Lord(i forget his name). But as I already said the game relates perfectly to the movie with its own humorus lego touch. There is also other things that make the game even better: A custimizable character to use in free play, lots of unlockables(giving it great replay value), and wireless co-op to play with a friend with another PsP. Now for the bad point. The camera can be a bit awkward. But rarley you will find it hard to play because of the camera. Lego Star Wars II may very well be my favourite game to date and I will stay be playing it for months to come! 10/10 'Amazing'