I was hoping this would be better then the first but it wasn't.

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy XBOX
Gamplay 5/10 - the gameplay is very similar to the first which is great, but it falls short compared to the first one. It may last a bit longer but there isn't anthing special about it, there the new character body swap, but that wasn't annything special either.

Graphics 9/10 - The graphics are quite good and it looks like they improve from the last just a little.

Sound 9/10 - The sound is also great with great light saber sound effects and music you remeber from the movie.

Value 7/10 - You get longer gameplay the the first one, but unless you love star wars then you pobably won't like the extra levels anyway.

Tilt 4/10 - I was so disapointed with this game that i don't think i will play it again, i just didn't have the fun i had with the first one.