The toys strikes back!!!!

User Rating: 8.8 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy XBOX
OK, time for another round from our favorite toys. Although this seems like a children's game, it is less this time around, I'm very impressed with this game, it is as lot more challenging and, over-all alot more fun. The levels are alot longer and you get to ride more vehicles than in the last game. There is plenty of re-play value also, as you have to get all the Lego coins, not only in the story mode, but also in the Replay mode. The controls are great for the Lego person who you control, however, I found the vehicles, particularly the snow speeder in the first level on the Empire Strikes Back level to be a little too loose to control. The "build your own Lego character" was also cute, funny and totally pointless, but to see Vader in a slave outfit with C-3PO legs, "priceless." On the X-box version the frame rate is at times troublesome as it freezes up for a second or so, particularly when there is a lot of action in the game or if you distroyed a barrel or something with a lot of coins in it; although annoying, it doesn't last that long and doesn't realy ruin the gameply too much. In short, If you like the original game and particularly the Original Trilogy, you will like this game a lot.