The sequal to the game that everyone knows and loves.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy XBOX
So Lego Star Wars 2 isnt really all that different from the first game. The formula hasnt really changed that much, but they have tweaked it just a little bit. And people are way more comfortable with this game because we played the last game and it gained everyone's trust so...

First of all, the graphics are pretty much the same. It sounds just like familiar sounds u would hear in the movies. Like Chewbacca making his Wookiee sounds or Princess Laia making her oooof! noise. Its sounds and looks great.

Second of all, i like the new little dodging tactic with every character pretty much. Like if a blaster bolt is coming at u, u just press X to dodge it. Its pretty kool.

3rd, i like the new create a character feature. Thats pretty nice. I made a dude named Afro Maul. He is all red with a red lightsaber, except he has a black afro. Its funny.

4th, there is plenty more stuff to unlock. Very efficent. And something i really really really like is that if u beat the last game 100%, u are able to import every one of the characters from the last game, into this one. I like that too.

And lastly, the humor is the game is still the same, and the fighting tactics and pretty much every thing else is the same pretty much. Im glad they did go too far with the game. And im gonna give the sequal that everyone knows and loves, a 9 out of 10. =) Yet again they did a great job!