Enjoyment for the wole family

User Rating: 7.2 | LEGO Racers PC
I was around around 7 or 6 when this game came out and I didn't know any better. I played it consecutivly and i enjoyed the many features in the game. Basicly you build a racer out of blocks then build a car for him to drive out of lego blocks, then make a linscense. You then race the leader of eachtype of scenario in 4 different races and when u beat them you get to use their blocks for even more possiblilities. I found the racing to be very fun. GAmeplay:is pretty fun. There is a lot of racing going on but not too much going on besides that. You can get cool powerups that are fun to use. I wis it had online play. I really do because it would be even more fun but it still had lasting enjoyment. Graphics are kind plain to be true. There isnt much to see besides the tracks and the lego cars. Sound:is funny. you can hear the lego guys kinda talk while your racing. and the horn but thats it... Value: i dont know how much it is today but if your a parent and need to give something to the kids that is fun and cheap this is for you. The value is kinda good cause it keeps getting to be a little addictive after all these yars ive played this game. Overall this game is pretty good game with solid features,but dont think that this game will keep you addictd for long. If you liked this review please recommend it. Thank you.!