It's been 7 years or so since I first played this game, and it's still surprisingly fun...

User Rating: 9.5 | LEGO Racers PC
Ah, Lego of the first video games I ever played. It may be over 8 years since it first came out, but I still find this game to be fun. In fact, this game seems beyond the standards of 1999 video games, as far as the "fun" factor goes.

Back when I was 9 years old, I got this game for my birthday. It didn't seem like anything special at first, but that was probably because I had hardly any experience with video games back when I was 9. Then, on a day where I was playing this with my best friend, he beat the first circuit, and I beat it soon after. Needless to say, we were hooked, and in a mad race to be the first to take down Rocket Racer. Race after memorable race, we both reached Rocket Racer on the same day. It took us quite awhile to finally get enough warps going to compete with him, but when my friend finally beat him, we were really excited. Later that day, I beat Rocket for the first time too.

Rocket Racer may have been an achievement, but Veronica Voltage was a challenge much higher in altitude. We had to configure strategies in order to beat her ghost times on a few of the tracks. Eventually, my friend did beat it, but it took quite awhile. Many years later, I went back and finally took down all the time trials on my own (Just as a note, Ice Planet Pathway and Pirate Skull Pass are the two most difficult).

What I really liked most about this game, though, was the powerup system. It was unique and innovative. If I remember correctly, the green was turbo, the red was attack, the blue was protection, and the yellow was hazard, while the white bricks increased strength. That simple concept, with 16 powerup possibilities, was what really made this game great. And of course, there's no way I'll ever forget all those handy shortcuts that my friend and I discovered along the way. The creativity of the shortcuts is just astonishing some that I clearly remember include:
-going through a waterfall into a hidden cave
-using a certain pattern of colored gates to open up a shortcut
-using protection to suddenly make a section of a wall penetrable
-making use of an attack weapon in order to open otherwise inaccessible passages
...and so on.

To this day I still own Lego Racers, and I did play it a few months ago, so at least it still works. This game, to me, brings back the most memories of any game I've ever owned. Maybe, someday, I'll insert that CD-ROM back into the drive, and let those memories flow...

Best racing game ever. Period.