Short... as short as the original Xbox's career.

im just messing around on the headline, but this game is short and is so overated... just like anything microsoft puts out... anyway, i played the game and was addictive, mostly just cause i wanted to beat then i would never play it ever again. and the checkpoints are put in the worst place possible, and you die so often that you need the checkpoints. basically tou use one weapon and that the chainsaw one. and theres only two boss fights, one really because the first one is so easy and stupid, its not really considered a boss. but the last guy is great, very hard. The graphics are amazing but why didnt they make the cinematics in better graphics, all the cinematics are in real game graphics. it would have been much better. they spent like 5 years making this game and over 10 million dollars spent. why couldnt they make it longer, like a real game.