Not as good as I remember Real score=57%

User Rating: 5.5 | LEGO Racers PS
Lego racers is one of those games that I loved when I was young. IT had everything I could want then, lego, colour and basic gameplay. Nowadays however that just isn't enough. Granted the fact that it's colourful and full of lego isn't a bad thing but the basic gameplay is. I played it again recently and I became bored very quickly. It's actually rather bland when I think about it but maybe that's just compared to the games of today.

As you have probably gathered from the games title it's a racing game that revolves around the world of lego. Everything in the game is made of lego. The racers, the cars, the powerups and even the environment. Infact the only thing that isn't is the basic parts of the environamnt such as the backgrounds and the walls. Available game modes are circuit race, single race, time trial and multiplayer. You can also create your own racers and cars. Circuit race is put simply a series of tournamants each consisitng of four races in which you must finish in the top three overall to move onto the next tournament. Circuit race however is to short and grows old very quickly. Young children will enjoy it though and in all fairness the game is aimed at that demographic.

Graphically the game is nothing exceptional. It is fairly colourful but isn't detailed enough. The only detail is the definition between each lego piece. I do like the sounds though. From the main menu music to the starting horn to the in race music it's all recorded well and still delights to this day.

Lego racers operates a four tiered power up system. There are four types of powerups. Red which are offensive weapons, blue which are shields, yellow which are defensive weapons and green which are boosts. Each type can be upgraded up to three times hence the four tier system. You acquire powerups by driving over the coloured bricks and upgrade them by driving over white bricks or bricks of the same colour. The power up system does work well and i ok for young children.

Now onto the create a racer mode. You start by mixing and matching pieces from unlocked sets to create your character. Then you do the same for your car. It's all very basic in keeping with the rest of the game and I would have liked it to be more detailed. It gets monotonous quite quickly. Next you name your driver and then you're ready to race. Feel free to test the car out on the test track first as well. That's a neat feature which helps you get the car you want. Lego racers also suffers from long loading times. They're not incredibly long but it's enough to get annoying.

Overall Lego Racers is a child friendly racer which lacks the depth and challenge for any relatively experienced gamer. It grows boring very quickly and lacks any fresh ideas. Young children will enjoy it though so if your looking for a racer for them it's not a bad option although Mario kart would be better.