Well this game on Playstation can be also be fustrating as well as the Nintendo 64 but the difficulty seems to be paid!!

User Rating: 3.8 | LEGO Racers PS
Play: Well like if your playing like example Rocket racer from his car and you'll see another rocket racer and just to say it will be fustrating with other people in it as well.

Graphics: well it is so poor like the banner at the top you were making a car, the banners for each character was completely dung and poor quality and other tracks seems to be paid off to show off what sort-cuts you can take for an easy challenge.

Sound: No good, as usual it is, it was more dubious as it is, can't they just talk instead when the subtitiles are being switched on?

Value: It really doesn't bring the whole thing at all, it just show that are just lego racers you have to take, what delusions of granduer!!

Tilt: I think you haven't wrote it down.

Overall: This game is kinda bogus.