One of the WORST LEGO games ever!

User Rating: 1 | LEGO Racers PS
The Good: Power-ups, FULL Customisation

The Bad: Everything Else (no joke)

Full Review: I bought this after I played LEGO Racers 2, which I thought was terrible, hoping it would provide a better racing experience, but I got a worse one instead. Sure you may be able to fully customise character and car, and the power-ups show more imagination than the ones in LR2, but those are the only good points. The rest of the game SUCKS, even more than LR2 (which is saying a fair bit). Once again, the controls are boring and basic and the courses are uninspired and equally boring and it is WAAAAAY too easy. The real crunch is the fact that the bricks DON'T fall off the cars, even when hit by rockets! Meaning no entertainment to add to the lack of fun and challenge in the game. So even though LR2 is bad, it's worth buying more than this, because no-one should have to endure this game's sheer lack of anything good.