A rather barebones experience but its fun and that's what games are all about at the end.

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Racers PC
Lego games are a dime a dozen these days. From Lego Star Wars to Lego Harry potter, they've done it all. Back in the late 90s Lego games were just starting out, one of the first few Lego games was Lego Racers. A kart racing game were the player builds his own kart out of Lego blocks and races in various themed tracks. It doesn't come close to what other popular kart racers did with the genre but it's fun nonetheless.

Kart games are simple in their own right and Lego Racers does little to innovate in the genre. There are a few modes to choose from. Its standard fare and they won't be holding your attention for very long. The story mode or in this case "Circuit Race" consists of a series of tournaments each with different themes. Each tournament has a host, who are presented by a rather cheesy cutscene at the start of each tourney. Every tournament except the final one has four tracks. Speaking of tracks, these are actually quite fun to race through. These tracks are well designed with plenty of shortcuts and secrets to discover along the way. There are twelve tracks in total and their are also mirrored versions which are basically trying to fill up the game. It's a cheap tactic used by many developers but they were still quite fun to race on.

With any kart racer come power-ups. Power-ups can be attained by collecting bricks while racing. There are four types of bricks, each with different types of powers, from speed boosts to rockets nothing out of the ordinary. But the other brick is quite different. It's a white brick that levels up any other power-up that you have collected currently. It has its downsides though. They are too easy to collect which makes these upgraded power-ups quite unfair. If these power-ups were placed in hard to reach areas than it would solve this problem. Another issue I have with the power-ups is that the turbo power-up paired with three white bricks is the cheapest I have ever seen. It transports the player ahead of the racers by quite a margin. It's very easy to find and in often cases can make races highly unfair.

The AI is easy as pie, it always seems like the other racers have no idea how to use a power-up. But just like any other karting game when you're about to cross the finishing line, the AI gets cheap and decides to fire a rocket up your arse, preventing you from winning the title of "Greatest Lego racing champion of all-time". Driving feels great for the most part, drifting is a bit weak though which might disappoint some seasoned Mario Kart players. Lego Racers doesn't offer much when it comes to content. Circuit Race is the main attraction and once that is finished their isn't much more to see. There are the usual modes you'd find in any average racing game with limited multiplayer functionality. On every version you can only play with two players which was incredibly stupid on the developer's part as kart racers are famous for four player races. Graphically Lego Racers looks decent and still manages to keep it's friendly kiddy charm beneath those blurry textures and jagged edges.

It's a fun racer but it sadly fails to deliver in a lot of areas. There's barely any content, any average gamer could beat it under 5 hours. Not only that but it's very limited when it comes to multiplayer. But even with all its flaws, Lego Racers is still fun to blast through.