A fabulous,creative and magical game even if you're not a lego fan you'll love this game i did and i'm 11...............

User Rating: 8.1 | LEGO Racers 2 PS2
Take part in this race against time to win the xalax cup and become racing champion of the galaxy traveling to 5 distant world including mars,arctoc,dino island and more.
Create your character and car(5 times)and colllect golden bricks while playing a majoraty of bonus games play alone or battle,race and time with a friend.A
A creative and enjoyable game for ages 3 and above i mean i'm 11!And i found it fun so what are you waiting for play street races,race bosses from lego racers 1 and come face to face with the mighty rocket racer.So if you lke a game with action,speed,comedy whwt are you waiting for buy it!Or if you're not sure why not rent it.