Forget all whining negative comments ya may have seen, Driver SF is AWESOME, Innovative, similar to Burnout, PURE FUN!

When I 1st looked at the review here of Driver San Francisco, I seen sooooo many negative whining comments about the game, so then I decided to check it out...............and WOW this game is brilliant!

It reminds me a fair bit of Burnout Paradise but with less jumps but still has the similar stunts as BP and the driving feels very much alike, however in Driver SF the driving is a bit slippery and takes a bit of time to get used to
Unfortunately it has no vibe while driving but hitting any object leaves a good rumble, and there really are heaps of different events in the game, asides from the story mode. The graphics, especially the facial graphics look virtually like real life.....absolutely amazing!

The new and extremely innovative buzz of using the Shift feature is amazing, where you just touch a button and jump out of your physical body and then its like you're controlling a satellite and you can look over the whole map and jump into any veichle you choose!
There are many unlocks such as cars, Nos, nos recharge speed, things that help you find stuff for achievments and so many more and this game dererves the Superior animation emblem and it should have got a few more good emblems from GS....
This game is PUER FUN! I give it 8.5 and I would have given it a 9 if only it had some wheel spinning rumble but its still an extremely fun game and another to my collection! Driving the streets full of hills and jumps in SF has never been so fun or looked this good!