CoD is back baby!!!!

I must start off by saying that Treyarch have performed a miracle! Black Ops has got to be the best CoD to date! They have done everything right from the story of the campaign to the small features of MP like CoD points and customization.

I will break the review down into different segments:

- Gameplay (SP)
- Graphics
- Multiplayer


I must say that this CoD has the best SP story yet (For CoD). You visit a vast number of locations like Cuba, Vietnam, Russia and eve the Pentagon :D
The games is gritty an violent like CoD5 (Although limbs don't fly as easily :() and the atmosphere the music and voice acting creates is simply astounding.

Score: 4/5


Unfortunately this is CoD and because of that you won't get a game that looks pretty. A lot of the textures looks dated and washed like all the CoDs with the exception of MW2. MW2 had a cleaner look about it. So I think its about time that Activision get/build a new graphics engine or their next CoD installment will really look ugly!

Graphics: 2/5


Great, great, great, great, great, great...! The MP is just plain ol' awesome in Black Ops! I love the inclusion of CoD points, now I don't have to go through all the attachments just to get the one I want I think the feel of BO is a lot better than MW2 as well, it feels more... gritty. I also love the fact that everyone is a low rank! So for the first few we days we don't have campers!!! Or those guys that cheat and go to impossible places on the map and then camp (a.k.a Highrise in MW2). I also like the fact that you can put emblems on your weapons! Awesome feature! And then lastly I like the little "news" notification in at the bottom of the screen that tells you what your friends have been up to as well as interesting stats. For an example the one fact was that people have fallen the hight of everest 15, 754 times :) I like that.

Score 5/5

So all in all this installment of CoD is one any FPS fan should not miss. See you on the battlefield comrade!