Believe the hype

I played this game a little for the computer when I borrowed it from a friend and I knew I had to get it. This game has a fairly long sotry mode, will take somewhere around 10 hours on your first play(thats how long it took me), Thats pretty short, but not horrible. The graphics in this game are really good, especially the fire and explosions. The slo-mo mode is also wicked fun to use. The only main thing I don't like about this game is that unlike most other FPS, it shows quite a bit of your arm, which looks a little odd to me, but despite that, this is still a fun game. The live for this game is pretty good too, although not to many people play this game live anymore on a lot of the modes. The sound of the gunfire is pretty good too. I'm not sure if it's worth the $30.00 price tag, but it's worth at least $25.00 for sure. I recommend to all lovers of the genre