LEGO Pirates seem to have learnt nothing from the previous games. Why go backwards in awesomeness?

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game PS3
One would think that with the sheer amount of games that Lego have made, they would take what they learn and apply it to the next game. It just seems like they forgot all about that, and degraded everything else. The game feels rushed and just not enough polish was put into the game.

With about 70 characters, most of whom have their own special abilities, you would think that this game would really offer a lot more than any of the previous games, and it kind of does. The game play is that which we know and love from previous games, with a few nice new twists to it like the compass that will show hidden objects to find.

The world is much less Lego, and a lot more realistic. So you've got Lego characters in a real world. It kind of works in this game because you get to create really nice scenes. And I guess Harry Potter was also done in this same way.

The thing that really and truly lets this game down 100% is the camera. It's very unforgiving. You spend half your time climbing and falling several times before being able to reach an objective. You're also constantly BEHIND objects and stage decor and no know what you are doing. 2 Player Split screen is a total nightmare and totally headache inducing.

I didn't even bother getting all the hidden object, as I really am not even bothered to put the game into the PS3 again. Really is the Worst Lego Game I've seen to date.