Another Lego game but for some reason i LOVE THESE GAMES!!!!!

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game PS3
Ok so this is going to be a fast review because this is a pretty easy game to review. If you've every played a Lego game going all the way back to the 1st lego star wars, then u've played them all. For some reason though lately, i find myself buying more and more of them. Maybe it's because i do have a 5 yr old son.

If you have kids then this game or any lego game is a MUST HAVE!!!!! Honestly tho, even when my sons asleep i find myself popping in Lego Pirates and playing for an hour or so because the gameplay is so addicting. The game follows the story of all 4 Pirates movies, including the new one. If you have seen the latest movie, there are some spoilers in the game. In the game you can play as every character that has ever been in the movie. My favorite is of course Captain Jack sparrow but also I love using Davy Jones with all of those tentacles he has for a beard.

the gameplay is repetitive but its fun. Solve puzzles, collect lego bits, and beat the enemies. I think one of the cool things of the game is that every character has a unique ability. Some characters can jump high, some have guns and explosives, and some fix and build things. So in order to progress to the next level, while solving a puzzle, you need to figure out which characters special skill will need to be utilized.

I do not understand how the rating of this game is in the 6's. It's a lego game for crying out loud so if your expecting a graphical masterpiece then you're playing the wrong game. But for what it is the graphics are pretty good, the levels look great, and the characters look good too. I think the Soundtrack is one of the best things in the game. It has all the best songs from the movie. At times you'll find urself doing things exactly how they were done in the movie with the exact same music, It's pretty cool.

In the end when it comes to games that are based on movies, usually they aren't that good. That's why i would rather play a Lego game based on a movie because i think they do a good job of keeping with the original movie but they also put their own twist on it which makes it unique. All in all this game is not a "Must Have" but if you have children or are a child at heart then i would recommend picking it up because it offers hours of single, and multiplayer game play. The multiplayer is what makes this game great. Playing with a friend while you solve the puzzles is def. fun, but it's also good single player as well.