Enjoyable! Great for kids(6+) as well as adults. Content covers a load of favorites scenes. Can be challenging.

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game PS3
My daughter (age 7) loves these games. It's one of those that we feel comfortable letting her play and really not worried about blood/gore/guts - because there is none. Lego is always fun. The console editions are no exception. Looking for something fun to play with your youngster that you both would find fun!? Try this. We're doing the PS3 edition. I also have the 3DS edition. There is difference enough in both the games' play that you can do both an not worry about getting bored.

They have Captain Jack's swagger down really well for working with blocks. Truly fun to watch. As usual there is always the ability to make extra stuff and find extras to help build other things in the game. The Port Royale area where you select story you want to work has loads of things to do too.

Some puzzles are a little more difficult than others. My 7 year old figures the harder ones out across several runs of that level, or with parents playing the side-kick.

Truly a load of fun!