Free roam?

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Does anyone know if the game will have free roam?

#2 Posted by Dexter-010 (494 posts) -
Let's hope so. Not much information about this game yet, so we have to wait.
#3 Posted by zaeemgokuss5 (25 posts) -

Yes there will be free roam.


or you can check IGN's Lego Marvel super heroes e3 gameplay.

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This is going to be another nice Lego game! Check out the Lego Marvel trailer: Hope it will be out in Oct 2013!
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I've heard that there will be free roam and also if your Iron man and you fly to the stark tower in New York and move near the pad it skips to an animation where he lands on the platform and the suit is taken off him and visa versa if you walk on the pad as Tony, which I hope is not a dud rumor, 'coz I am really looking forward to doing that.