LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, 1 Gold Trophy, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Collect all trophies Your Fabulous No-Prize!
    Finish Sand Central Station Not So Secret War
    Finish Baxter Building Walter wouldn't like that
    Finish Oscorp One True Goblin
    Finish The Raft Maximum-Maximum Security
    Finish Stark Tower Give Yourself 12% of the Credit
    Finish Hydra Base Welcome to the secret Hydra Base
    Finish Asgard We're Not in Oklahoma Anymore
    Finish X-Mansion 1407 Graymalkin Lane
    Finish Castle Doom Diplomatic Immunity
    Finish Doctor Doom’s Tanker Victor Von Doomed
    Finish New York Power Station Children of the Atoms
    Finish Island M Welcome to Mutant Nation
    Finish Asteroid M: Space Carbon nano tubes for the win
    Finish Asteroid M: Showdown I do not recognize your authority
    Finish Heroes vs. Galactus Ultimate Nullifier? Pah!
    Collect all Red Bricks Better than an Infinity Gauntlet
    Collect all characters Avengers (and the Rest) Assembled
    100% the game Bagged and Boarded
    Have Captain America and Human Torch on the same screen Hey, Don't I Know You?
    Finish a level as Banner Not Such a Puny Human
    Walk past Deadpool as Deadpool Agent X???
    Unlock the Future Foundation characters The First Family
    Unlock all Wolverine variants The Best There Is at What You Do
    Finish all levels End of Phase 1?
    Defeat the Green Goblin as Gwen Stacy Role Reversal
    Beat Loki as Agent Coulson in Asgard Coulson Lives
    Complete all challenges in one level Hero
    Complete all challenges in 20 levels Heroic
    Complete all Challenges Super Hero
    Beat the Red Skull as Captain America and Captain America (WW2) Never-Ending Battle Between Good and Evil
    Unlock the Creator Super, Super Hero
    Tag in War Machine while playing as Iron Man I Could Really Use a Sidekick
    Tag in Pepper Potts (Rescue) while playing as Tony Stark I Got You
    Beat Doctor Octopus as Aunt May This Looks Like a Marriage to Me
    Beat the Green Goblin as Scarlet Spider (Classic) Clone Saga
    Beat Abomination as Red Hulk Well, at Least It Ended for You Better this Time
    Beat a Raptor as Scarlet Spider (Classic) Damon Ryder! Is that you?
    Beat the 3 Loki holograms as Thor in Galactus B Are You Ever Not Going to Fall for That?
    Tag in Thor to battle Loki I'm Not Overly Fond of What Follows
    Unlock all Iron Man suits Hall of Armour
    Unlock all Spider-Man suits Spider Wars
    Tag in Wolverine to finish the Abomination And Now....the Wolverine!
    Tag in the Punisher twice while playing as Spider-Man The Punisher Strikes Twice
    Defeat Doctor Doom with every member of the Fantastic Four Prisoners of Doctor Doom
    Complete Stark Tower A, B and C with Hawkeye as a tag partner Hawkeye, the Marksman!
    Team up Beast and Star-Lord Oh, My Stars and Garters…
    Call in Daredevil with only one heart remaining Give the Daredevil His Due
    Complete Heroes vs. Galactus A with the Thing The Coming of Galactus
    Complete Heroes vs. Galactus B with the Human Torch If This Be Doomsday…
    Complete Heroes vs. Galactus C with the Silver Surfer The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer
    Beat Iron Man (Hulkbuster) with the Hulk Green Politics
    Beat Doctor Octopus with Human Torch in your team Just Like Doc Ock's First Appearance...

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