Mercenaries 2: Shot Down In Flames

Don't get me wrong, when I bought "Mercenaries 2: World In Flames" I read the reviews and bought into the hype of what made the game so good, and in parts different from anything before (here I am thinking about the destructability of so much around you).

But then I played the game, and to say I was disappointed would be a understatement. You see the gameplay in itself is simple enough, do the couple of tutorial type missions to get used to controls, calling in air strikes, etc, just to find your way around, take the Villa over and use it as your base, all very simple stuff, almost too simple.

And there lies problem number one, I am not a great gamer, I struggle playing most games and am one of these people you will see online on (for example) COD with a low level ranking to show how bad I am, but Mercenaries was to a large extend a doddle for me, and I can hardly quantify my skills as being up with some of you hardcore gamers out there, in fact it was only boredom that stopped me progressing further in the game.

And that is problem number two, you see once you have done one mission, then it starts to get repetative, destroy this location, take control of that location, collect a bounty on someone at the other location, do it for one faction, and then repeat for the other factions.

Of course you may want to buy in supplies but then you cant once you start working for one of the other factions if you are attacking their main enemies that you have already worked for, and even then, you can destroy a main base, save, go make a cup of tea, and the building will be back again (I am thinking here of the large oil company HQ in the middle of the city.

Honestly I have not completed this game, and have little interest in doing so, and am not great at explaining thing like some other reviewers, but sure if you read enough you will also see that for all the good aspects of the game there are twice as many things dragging it down, it could have been a contender but sadly it isn't.