A truly magnificent piece...

I cannot say anything more that this game is one of the masterpieces of games. It is created for the player to lose himself into it: into the story and into the atmosphere. The story is well written and the player finds out the whole one throughout the enormous levels. In my opinion this is truly a hard game: puzzles upon puzzles sprung everywhere and one must have a lot of patience to finish it. The music is enthralling and I don't think anyone could forget it after having finished the game. It stays with you and you remember it everywhere. The enemies are just a few and are scattered throughout the levels and they prove deadly if they spot you. The surroundings are grim and well designed and the player feels himself belonging to the place and in fact he wants to free himself from them, but where to go; he must accomplish his destiny and only then he will find his peace. The only thing that I can reproach to it is the end: I did not like it because I thought it to be too easy. You cannot fight your enemies for all the time you're powerless. You must hide and act swiftly. I truly can say this game should be tried by any one who loves all sort of games. It will enthrall you and you won't forget it soon.