Not a bad game, but too easy and too short

- Fun playing with a friend
- Good amount of items to hit you're opponent with
- There are lots of rooms

- Dated graphics
- The same 2 playable characters, the game gets boring quickly
- Not very exciting

Tom & Jerry is a worthwhile fun game. I'm sure most people heard of Tom and Jerry, it's a classic cartoon, like this game. For those who didn't know, Jerry is the mouse who almost always win and Tom is the cat that continuously keeps chasing Jerry but without success. The cartoon is really good and it's worth watching. The game, less but it's not a bad game but any means.

There are a few modes in the game. There is the story mode, sort of. And the mode that you can play it in multiplayer. The more of the main mode you complete, more rooms will be unlocked and become accessible. Not exactly, you just have to pick a page in the book and play it. This makes the game very boring from the beginning since no page has all of the rooms including outside.

The main mode is an interesting, could have been longer but good. I'm not really sure that you can choose either Tom or Jerry, but if I remember right you will control Jerry. There are lots of weapons and items. There are traps, mouse traps, you can use the oven or fridge. You can use these traps for when Tom passes in them, he'll get hurt. There are 2 kinds of traps, one you can pass by sneaking and not loose health, like the fridge or oven trap and there is the mouse trap and other traps that you can't pass over or you'll fall in the trap. Others are the throw item. The throw items are like apples, vases and other stuff you find in the house. Then there are the hold items. There are such things like umbrella and others.

This 2D and sometimes 3D game is simply unchallenging and short. But it can also be a lot fun for those who aren't looking for a hard game. Though the dated graphics mar the game a lot, and the game isn't very exciting either. But there is enough variety to please Tom & Jerry fans.