A somewhat boring and stripped down version of the arcade classic.

I see a rather high overall user score for this game, and can understand why. Sometimes nostalgia alone makes one rate a game higher than it should be. The arcade 1942 was great and many of us played it at an arcade back a couple of decades ago. But I'm disappointed with this NES version. This version feels too generic to me, and a bit boring. It's a pretty stripped down version best played with the volume very low. Why the constant beeping sound? Ugh! The graphics are sub par even for an 86 NES title. There's a two player mode but it only allows players to alternate turns. I always hated that feature in many retro games. Finally the game's a bit on the easy side, particularly for the genre. I would score this game a 5, but will bump it up to 5.5 for nostalgia's sake :) BTW, the sequel 1943 on the NES is much improved.Skip this title and get that one.