The minions are the best thing on this game. So amusin

I think that Overlord tried something completely different, and I think it actually works. What other game lets you have your character just stand around while ordering minions to do it's dirty job. It's hard work being evil.

Overlord is set in a fantasy world filled with elves, hobbits, dwarfs and ... sheep. You control the Overlord and you have an army of minions to your command. They run around the stage, killing anything, and smashing objects to upgrade themselves by picking up swords, spears, rat skin...yes. You read right. Rat skin is worn like a cloak, upgrading their hardiness.

The Good: The graphics is actually kind of nice. It's colorful and vivid. Unlike most games they are actually using more than gray and black. The Minions are really "cute" and very responsive. They pretty much think for themselves when you ask them to do something. The puzzles are not really too complicated, which makes this a fun game to play, instead of frustrating.

Commentary by the minions is really entertaining. "for the master", "For meeee", "over-feeder of Melvin". Some of the really funny things that minions say while playing. Then there is the narrator (your personal guide) Gnarl. He's got some serious anger issues he needs to work on, but he manages to entertain.

I'm not one for hundreds of upgrades, so I was quite pleased that the only thing I needed to upgrade was my Axe, Helmet and Armor.

The Bad: I think the lack of a main story line did make this game a little shallow to play. In stead of going on a main quest, you have a lot of mini quests that allow you to choose to go the evil or good route. I found that after finishing the game, I didn't really find out what the game was about...in stead felt a little relieved it was over.

It was a bit of an easy game. At least on normal. I'll give Hard a go some day, but for now it will stay on easy.

I think the game is worth a play, but with better games out there, I would give it a skip. Overlord 2 is about to be released, so rather get that.