Another fun LEGO game, but its just not as good as Lightsabers.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures DS
Lego Indiana Jones, is basically LEGO Star Wars, but with more platforming elements, and more weapons.

The length of the game isn't as long as LEGO Star Wars, since its 3 movies, but many unlockables and treasures to find, this game will keep you playing for weeks.

This game fortunately isn't just a beat' em up, it also introduces some platforming elements. Such as pushing switches, using Indies whip to swing and pull objects. Unlike it's Star Wars counter part, LEGO Indiana Jones also has weapon pick ups, such as swords, guns, and spears. Although the ranged weapons are difficult to aim and are slow to respond, the whip also has this problem. You will be using melee attacks most of the time.

The graphics are superb, everything runs silky smooth, with the addition of actual Full Motion Video for cinematics which play out the humor, which these LEGO games are known for, unlike the picture skits of the Star Wars series..
The audio is subpar, the music isn't that compelling and recycled sounds from the Star Wars series can be heard through out the game.

LEGO Indiana Jones excels at the addition of platforming and puzzle elements, but the gameplay itself is just not as great as The Force and Lightsabers.