Is this Magic adventure really magical?

User Rating: 8.5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 X360
I have been on board with the Tt games lego series since the first game was released.I gave Lego harry potter 1-4 an 8.5 .Its sequel is just as magical as its predescesser in many ways. Gameplay:7.0 There is nothing new here but i just love the gameplay in lego its smash items, grab studs,kill bad guys,solve easy puzzle repeat.PROS. good simple fun CONS.nothing really new.Graphics:8.0 glossy visuals enchance the expierience and vast worlds are great but graphics havent changed that much.Presentation:8.0 Legos brand of humor returns and its joy to watch the 'final battle' in lego version sound :10.0 go to this URL value:10.0 200 GOLD BRICKS need i say more.Closing comments: its a wonderful game for kids and a great game for adults(who love harry potter) Verdict: +tons of replayability - nothing really new+awesome sound+ simple fun =8.5= Great. have fun!