Could have been a lot better

User Rating: 5 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 DS

Solid sound track with repetitive sound effects.

Not as impressive as the previous game, Actually looks to be a bit lower quality.

Game Play:
So instead of drawing the spell, You tap on a spell you want to use and hit a button to use it. Yeah, No where near as good as it should have it. It's very unsatisfying and boring.

Loyal to the console port. Cuts far less from the story than the previous game did. The new game play sucks. Quite a bit more replay value than the previous game considering the variety of collectibles and characters needed to get them. Levels are still too short.

Overall: 5/10
Honestly, I probably would have given this a 7 if the new game play wasn't so awful. However because the new game play makes it such a drag to play, I had to lower the score on it. Would not recommend it, Especially if you really liked the first game.