For those who finished game?! HeLp?! Possible Spoilers

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I am in the Firefighter station and I need to get find a way into the Boathouse. I broke everything in room, notice that you can walk the 3 lights on ceiling but I'm stuck. Any suggestions?! I've been at it for over an hour and nada... Thanks
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Nevermind... Finally figured it out... Took me forever and 4 days to think this through... Lol
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Hi! I see you've almost finished? I need help! How do you break into the shack/house next to the mine (Bluebell Mine)? I looked at the walkthrough and there appears to be a circle with the crowbar (criminal suit sign) that lets you into the house. Then you break into the safe to get the whistle. When I get to the shack there isn't that circle with the crowbar at the front of the shack. How do you break in? (P.S. Please help! :-D I'm a single mom trying to help my 10 year old kid figure this out! :-D)
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There should be an entry point at that door.... Try backing out of the game and restarting? This YouTube shows the position. Good luck! Hopefully something works for ya!
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Hi! Thank you for getting back to me! It's weird; we have no point of entry for the shack. We restarted and got the same thing. I'm thinking we might have to delete the saved game and start again. Uggh. I'm hoping that it won't happen again. :-( Anyhow, I really appreciate your help! Thanks a million! ;-) Chelsea
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What does it say or does it say what the current objective is on the Wii U remote? Alot of the time, the current objective is highlighted with a police badge. I'm thinking maybe you missed something?