The first two campaigns are fun, but after that, it gets repetitive.

User Rating: 6 | LEGO Battles DS
I typically love LEGO titles, and I admit the first two campaigns (King and Wizard) in LEGO Battles were fun. As the GameSpot review rightly points out there is enough variability in the objectives, units, etc. to keep it interesting. However, after progressing to the Pirate campaign, I lost interest. The thought of building more barracks and units just find and destroy the enemy didn't capture my attention any more. The different kind of units aren't that different in their capabilities. Unless you're really into RTS, there's not much to look forward to. Granted, I'm not an RTS junkie, and this game will provide anyone with a gentle introduction to the genre.

My biggest gripe is the controls. I'm left-handed which makes using the controls VERY difficult. Since I hold the stylus in my left hand, I can't use the + keys to move the camera around. They really needed an option to accomodate southpaws (if Zelda can, then LEGO should as well).

In summary, a simple, fun RTS, without a long life and horrible controls if you're a leftie.