Had great potential but came up short

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes WII
This game had some great potential especially with all the various DC comic characters but the game has some serious shortcomings which keeps it off my top 40.

Pros: Great variety of characters that can be played after getting them all unlocked, however in story mode your fairly limited to which ones you get to play. Gotham City is huge and there is some good entertainment value in flying around or driving on the city streets. The levels are created well and flow pretty smoothly, I only had a couple freezes which is a nice break since Travelers Tales last go round with Harry Potter 2 which was a major freeze fest.

Cons: The levels, there are only 15 of them... Finished the game quickly and the pursuit for gold bricks and red bricks become very tedious after a short while as they tend to become very repetitive.

This game would have been a lot better had they doubled the amount of levels in it.