Newbie can't figure out how to save game! ;-) Pls advise!

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My son just started playing Lego Batman 2. He's played the star wars Lego Wii games and knows how to save the game in that one. But, he/we can't figure out how to save in Batman so that he wont lose his game when i make him go clean his room! he he.
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Doesn't the Wii version have an autosave? The PS3 and 360 versions do...
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idk, does the autosave on ur unit show an icon during the auto save?
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Yeah, I think it's the Bat Symbol but I haven't played in awhile since I got plat. It saves after every level or when you get a collectible. You can also save at check points, though I never figured out how to load them. If you're still not sure, beat a level, enter free play (from the bat computer in the bat cave), collect a stud, pause, select quit (or whatever the bottom selection is) and select save and quit.
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Did you figure it out?
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hi i am having the same problem there are points though out the levels where you can save but my boys went into there save game this morning and it said 0% complete and had over 10hrs game play time in it and it started from the start this is the second time its done it could it be a glitch is there a fix for it?
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It's likely a glitch.