Level 9 Character Glitch "Fix"

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If you have the level 9 character switch glitch, where you can't turn into aquaman/joker try this: When entering the level, select the Joker as your character, now Joker will be selectable in the quick character menu y pressing L2 or R2, before you open the big door that looks like a safe with superman, switch the character who was not Joker to aquaman. The flash is already a part of the quick select menu. Now with aquaman as the A.I., proceed to change Joker into superman and enter the door. Do not switch the aquaman A.I. to anyone else until you have washed away the muck. Now switch Superman to Joker using the quick select (L2 or R2) use Joker to make electricity in thingy, then switch to the flash and run over the four switches in the floor.
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Thank you sooooo much! Wish I had looked back for your reply when I first had the issue in August. I had given up and put the game away. Even went and bought a second game thinking my disc was bad. I did have to use 2 controllers and enter with Joker and Aquaman because I wasn't able to switch to either of them unless they were on the quick menu.

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No problem, I was bound and determined to get this trophy since it was my last one and I wasn't going to let some dumb glitch defeat me ;)