Lego batman 2 Wont work!

#1 Posted by HorusNetwork (4 posts) -
i just got it 4 days ago, and now it wont work. I played it just normally flying around in gotham city with hawkman,it stopped and now when i try to play it again, xbox says that disc is not readable. Theres no scratches or anything in the disc, it just wont work. Anybody knows what I should do? I really want it back working.
#2 Posted by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -
Have you tried other games? It could be an issue with your system.
#3 Posted by HorusNetwork (4 posts) -
All my games work perfect without any problems
#4 Posted by HorusNetwork (4 posts) -
except the lego batman 2
#5 Posted by The-Apostle (12193 posts) -
I'd take it back and ask for an exchange. It sounds like it's just the disk. :)