Gotham help

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Ok, I feel like a complete idiot but I'm so lost. I got passed the first few levels but now I'm just driving around aimlessly looking for #6. I need to get to the next level. I followed the ghost studs but they are just going in a circle. I finally just gave up last night and I think I have to redo the end of level 5: chemical crisis. When I turned it on today there was a trail of purple studs. They led me to a spot but where do I go to get to the actual level?! There isn't a big yellow arrow pointing down like there has been before. Does the bat signal on the map mark where you're supposed to go? There isn't anything there! What am I looking for to start the level? A building? A door? I've spent over 3 hours on this at this point, it's not fun any more. I would appreciate any input. Thank you. Oh and I'm a big visual person, so any links to videos is good too. I have the prima game guide, it's not helping.
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Hey, I feel your pain. I'm at another point in the game where I have no idea where to go or how to get into the next level and i feel like a total idiot. Me and my 4 year old sit down to play for an hour or two and we never actually get into a level, bvut just drive around for hours. I too am not having fun any more. I've felt like this the last few levels. If and when I do finally find one, I don't want it to end because I am afraid I wont find the next one. Also, having trouble figuring out how the game saving works. I don't wnt to stop playing because I know that I;'m just going to have to replay the same levels I just polayed all over again just to get to the next level and its aggravating., I love these 2 lego batman games. The open city is cool, but if I could change one thing about this game, it would be to have an easier, more linear path to finding the next level. Or at least some more onscren prompts or something. Finding the next level shouldn't be part of playing teh game in my opinion. I don't even know how many levels or missions or whatever there are in total or how they are broken up, but i guess I can look through an entire walkthrough and count them. How many missions and how many levels in each mission are there? To answer your question, I think I know where you are. The reason that you keep getting lead around in circles by following the ghost dots is because there's a truck driven by the joker that is driving around the city and those dots are being laid down by that moving truck which is why you never reach the end of them. You have to get in a vehicle and crash into the truck which will start a new cutscene and eventually start you on the new level, which takes place on the truck. You can also follow the compass at the top of the screen to try and head him off. The truck shows up in orange on the compass ( I think it's orange). I hope this helps you and good luck my friend!
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Duh, I guess I should have looked at the dat eof his posting. If he's still stuck on that level 3 months later then I really feel sorry for him. I'm an idiot! See I told you I was one in my post and this proves it!