Deleted from EA's Origin after purchase!!! WTF? Anyone know what happened?

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So I made the mistake of purchasing this from EA's Origin this morning and played it for a little while. After a couple hours, I had to restart my computer. Upon doing so I noticed that Lego Batman 2 is now listed as unreleased and has been deleted from the EA store. Furthermore, it deleted all the game files from my computer. Anyone know what happened?

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P.S. Sorry for double post, first one didn't register at first for some reason :/

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I contacted support and they told me that it was released in error.  The real release date is the 22nd for PC.  So it will show as unreleased until then.

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Much thanks. I talked to two of their support guys and neither had any idea what had happened and didn't know what to do lol. At any rate, I find it strange that most other places have already released the pc version. Weird.

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P.S. It's now June 30th and it is still showing as unreleased. It is also not showing on the Origin Storefront anymore. EA refuses to give me a refund. I am chalking this up to being a learning experience, and that I will never buy something through Origin again.

I have since purchased it through Steam and am enjoying it greatly.