Cool Concept, gameplay and player characters. Longetivity is up to you.

User Rating: 8 | Legion: The Legend of Excalibur PS2
I brought this game for the PS2 when I had one for a while. I picked this game up because it most ressembled Ultima Online in the shop and R.Garriott really had me hooked on the UO game, I needed to feast on something for my apetite for XP, shashing, and fun RPG.

The game lived up to all of my criteria thankfully and if you like hack and slash RPGs or were a Diablo player and fan then this game might wet your apetite because it is something simular but with more variety of gameplay and level accomplishments happening rather fast yet being reasonable difficult.

For the sake of the matter, the fact I didn't play this game long was that I couldn't afford a PS2 and had to get rid of it. Had I been a PS2 game collector I would have played this game up to one of the last levels, because it is a hard game and I doubt I would of had the patience to rigor to complete the game.

I think I achieved level 3 in the 2 weeks I owned the game. But I do recommend it, its quite fun and if you don't like RPGs it may drain your patience but its ultimately a very playable game.

The length of playing this game, well its like an arcade RPG very quick and sore to the eyes, simular I imagine to Dungeon Siege, the graphics aren't bad but if you have a 360 your headed in the path of picking up Fable II instead and spending the extra money. Because Fable II will have more entertainment to the buck. Excalibur isn't really a bargain bucket (because you may not want to play it once you buy it) its not really a classic. Its really for the Diablo-esque RPGer hungering for more dungeon fun.